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Tour Information:

Duration: 2-3 hours

Stare/End: 6:45pm/9:15pm  at the pick-up point 

Attractions: The Most Memorable of Hangzhou

Detailed Itinerary:

We will take you to the Yue lake area (in front of General Yue’s Temple )to enjoy….


l   The Most Memorable of Hangzhou (The first performance commences at 7:45pm and the second at 9:15pm, and both run for approxmitely 50 minutes.)


In the evening gala of the 2016 G20 Summit, at the west side of Hangzhou's Su Causeway, a most splendid live-action performance dubbed,"the Most Memorable is Hangzhou"dazzled the world. During that autumn night, people were gathered in front of the TV to enjoy the unparalleled performance, as thrilled as when they first watched Spring Gala, the Chinese equivalent to America's Super Bowl thirty years ago.

  “The Most Memorable of Hangzhou”will once again take center stage on the waters of the West Lake and will act as the updated version of the original Impression West Lake.

  According to the newest script, except for the program Moonlight which has been replaced with the ethnic orchestral music "Colorful Clouds Chasing the Moon", all other programs are in line with the G20 Summit Gala Version, including the bewitching "Giant Fan" and "Swan Lake". It's been said that over 70 Percent of Elements of the G20 Summit Gala Version will be preserved to give the audience a performance in line with the one G20 leaders and ladies witnessed.

  A large majority of people were hugely impressed with the performance of Swan Lake, which applies the high-end technology of holographic display. With the use of this morden technology a ballerina, resembling a swan, is copied many times to depict many dancing swans. In total 24 ballet dancers performed this dance and all were professionals (Normally, to become a professional ballet dancer nine years is needed.)

Include :

Guide service.

Entrance ticket.

Taxi service.

Exclude :

Your personal expense

Price & Notes :

Type of seat


Normal seats

320 Yuan

VIP seats

360 Yuan


1) Child ticket: Below 1.2meter at the time of entry, who is free of charge but sharing the seat with their parents .

            1.2 meter to 1.5 meter. Child ticket 250 for each.

            Over 1.5meter the price is same as the adult.


2) Show time: In the MarchAprilNovemberDecember. The first show begins at 19:30.

From May 1st to October 31st . The first show begins at 19:45; the second show begins at 21:15. The show is about one hour.


3) Winter break: due to the cold weather , requires maintenance of equipments and the actors need to rest, so stop the show during the winter season(three months).

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Guide in English

Entrance fees

0-3 years free

4-7 years 20 $


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